Introducing Extreme Live Gaming -

When someone brings new ideas and bags of enthusiasm and experience to a sector, you can expect things to get interesting. Matt Broughton met with Extreme Live Gaming CEO, Darwyn Palenzuela.

Extreme Live Gaming is a relatively new company. Its founder and CEO, Darwyn Palenzuela, was at Ho Gaming a decade back as head of development. “Then we broke off and I co-founded Evolution Gaming,” explains Darwyn from Extreme Live Gaming’s plush Brentford offices. “So I was CTO there and I built the whole system from the ground up around 2005. In 2011 I got seconded to another company called Smart [a TV company in the UK that produces Super Casino] and became CEO; I was there a couple of years. Then I decided to start my own company and it seemed like Live was the way to go. Why continue to work for another company when you can do something better!

“When I left Smart my thought was ‘Europe is saturated already’. I wanted to get into Asia so I started developing the product for the Asian market, and I knew the Novomatic guys from before, so we struck up a deal and they ended up acquiring my company in Asia and then I formed it in the UK. It’s a good partner to have.”

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